“The Good that Goodwill does”


A new report shows the social impact of Goodwill Solutions is diverse and wide-reaching. The indicative total impact of their activities in 2016-2017 is estimated to be over £2.4m.

The report, authored by the University of Northamton’s Institute for Social Innovation and Impact (ISII), considers the financial value of Goodwill Solutions’s small-scale community-led initiatives, which seek to bring about positive change in Northamptonshire County, specifically in relation to: The Building Better Opportunities (BBO) Work Readiness Action Programme (WRAP) Project; the Night Shelter; and the Hemmingwell Community and Skills Centre.

GS continues to play a key role in the community, in delivering social impact across a wide variety of sectors, including: Employment and training; Health; Criminal Justice; and Housing. This is delivered both as an individual company, but also through partnership working and networks.

View the report in full here: Goodwill Solutions Social Impact Report.

This report estimates Goodwill Solutions's Social Impact value at over £2.4m last year