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Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith has praised a Northampton company that is getting ex-criminals and the long-term unemployed back into work.

The Minister for Work and Pensions, along with Conservative MP for Northampton North Michael Ellis, was given a tour of Goodwill Solutions in Moulton Park.

This is, for me, the best example of a business mixed with a social enterprise I have seen in the country.Iain Duncan Smith, Former Conservative leader

Goodwill Solutions is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that aims to help the local community by running projects such as the Back to Work programme, training ex-offenders, armed service personnel, former homeless and the long-term unemployed for employment in the logistics sector.

The company currently employs around 40 people and boasts 70 per cent success rate of keeping people in employment.

“So it was when I was driving through the districts and seeing the issues which inspired me to think about how I can help solve these problems. That’s when I came up with Goodwill Solutions.

“The simple fact is, unless we as a community can change the way we deal with people with disadvantages such as ex-offenders, people with learning disabilities, the long term unemployed and even people who are ex-military, then we will always have society problems.

“This company is trying to change that in Northampton, and until we get 100 per cent of people coming here through our ‘Back to Work’ programme, then I won’t be happy.”

Mr Ellis, who has been a supporter of Goodwill Solutions since it was set up six years ago, said after Mr Duncan Smith’s visit: “This is a really excellent example of social action at work. This company is providing major benefits for society as it is keeping people off benefits and generating income tax revenue.

Article taken from the Northants Herald and Post, January 16th 2015, and can be found at:

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